SELECTED papers – fifteen listed below available for download – discuss germane aspects of communications policy, as well as parallel concerns. If you would like a guide to the papers as a group, including dates and bibliographic info, check out the accompanying index.

That index includes another past paper. There are also four recent pieces on Internet governance, including a paper (A4 and letter sizes) and a discussion of the role of intellectuals (A4 and letter). On the site, there are a total of twenty papers, nineteen downloadable.

Short D Allen bio (size A4)

For a video comment on the future of voice telephony, go here.

Now, the ORIGINAL – twice! And with _its_ precursor, too.

If you want the 'modern original,' that is the old chestnut restated and updated:

  • Innovation and Standardization : Yin and Yang for Policy in Motion

In response to a request, the original ideas from over fifteen years back are updated in a new, terse five pages. In both letter size and A4 (Acrobat, 112K).

But now with discovery of the old Freehand files, the orginal from 1991 is finally electronic:

  • Telecommunications Policy Between Innovation and Standardization: The Evolving Network

Many of the ideas for the fifteen years since prove to be in that original. For now, the electronic files tolerate only letter size. (Acrobat, 176K. Figures are oriented to print seamlessly with the text - if you are viewing on a monitor and using a later version of Adobe Reader, rotate the figures 90 degrees for easy viewing.)

And finally, the _precursor_ to 'the original,' now scanned:

  • Network Externalities and Critical Mass

This is also letter size only (Acrobat, 1.4M).

TWO papers address both policy and theory:

  • Policy for Access : Framing the Question

talks straight for policy makers on a pivotal question – local access. And punches with brevity on the main positions.

(Policy for Access is available in both letter size and A4 , each in Acrobat, 48K.)

  • The Liberal Regime in the Millennium : Competition Policy after Microsoft

looks to a 'new liberalism,' building from the present debate.

(The Liberal Regime is available offsite from the UK, A4 size. Local download has paper sizes letter and A4 . Each file is in Acrobat, about 230K.)

[There is also an excerpt for a presentation to an HIIP workshop.]

TWO papers reflect on two key turfs.

Microsoft vs Netscape tells their story and then asks what can we learn. The WTO Telecommunications Agreements takes the opportunity to apply some of those lessons to neighboring countries.

(These papers are letter size in Acrobat, respectively 530K and 22K. The first is also at another US site.)

EIGHT other papers are available for download here. Again, an index briefly details all the papers.

To pull down a paper, click its title below. (Alternatively, there is a standard directory page, with file sizes.) Each paper is letter size, in Acrobat .

The same papers can also be accessed from another archive:

  • If on a Mac, in Finder, Go / Other User's Public Folder. My dot Mac presence is david_allen. A number of the same papers are there, also.
  • If on a PC, access my dot Mac site and then the Public folder.

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