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Yin and Yang.pdf (112K)

Yin and Yang A4.pdf (112K)

Innov and Std.pdf (176K)

Critical Mass.pdf (1.4M)

Policy for Access.pdf (48K)

Policy for Access A4.pdf (48K)

Liberal Evolution.pdf (228K)

excerpt.pdf (76K)

Liberal Evolution A4.pdf (228K)

Dynamic Policy.pdf (530KB)

Beyond Competition.pdf (57KB)

Intellectual Property Rights.pdf (44KB)

Social Dimensions.pdf (28KB)

Employment and Communications.pdf (30KB)

WTO.pdf (22KB)

Telecom Alliances.pdf (87KB)

Competing Visions.pdf (46KB)

Browser Wars.pdf (20KB)

Indonesian Telecoms.pdf (31KB)

Kutztown, PA – report on FTTH (176K)

Internet Governance A4 (36K)

Internet Governance LTR (36K)

IGF Framework A4 (40K)

IGF Framework LTR (40K)

Internet Governance - the paper-A4 (72K)

Internet Governance - the paper-LTR (72K)

The Role of Intellectuals-A4 (72K)

The Role of Intellectuals-LTR (72K)

Bios-workshop (32K)

IGF Workshop (76K)

Future of Voice - Comment (32K)

Future of Voice - Comment-LTR (32K)

Concord_and_the_Morgan_Stanley_contract-looking_forward.pdf (196K)

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CMLP-Morgan_Stanley_contract-model.xls (80K)

Utilities_Turn_From_Coal_to_Gas_Raising_Risk_of_Price_Increase-NYTimes_Feb_5_2008.pdf (68K)

Hidden_Swap_Fees_by_JPMorgan_and_Morgan_Stanley-Bloomberg_Feb_1_2008.pdf (200K)

memo-CMLP_Superintendent_Sep_14_2007.pdf (44K)

if_purchased_Sep_12_2008_1503.xls (96K)

as_closed_out_Sep_29_2008_1510.xls (120K)

chronology-Letting_MS_contract_Feb-Aug_2007.pdf (60K)

CMLP_Energy_Strip_Materials.pdf (1.6M)

Short D Allen bio (52K)

Short D Allen bio A4 (52K)