New Years 2003

As Concord considers building its own fiber-to-the-home system / FTTH, the experience of other municipal FTTH operators is a key guide. For the report on Kutztown, PA, check here. (Yes, Word does not translate into html very well, but the text is there. Open it in a document size window, not wider – reads better that way.) Or for the formatted version, download the report as an Acrobat pdf (about 176K).

For more information on Concord's current activities regarding FTTH, visit the present committee site (also cited below).

For the historical record

Optical fiber to the residential desktop will likely move toward ubiquity more quickly than most imagine today, certainly within decades. But towns, both here and abroad, find that they may have to kick-start their networks. Hoping that such new infrastructure might further underpin the community for which Concord is justly proud, I have spent my volunteer time the last seven, now going on eight, years organizing a kick-start.

Going back a few years, there came to be a Concord Communications Infrastructure Committee. The first presentation by the group was an occasion for me to take stock:

  • In an April 15, 1999, guest column in the Concord Journal.
  • For a little background here is the original memo to the Selectmen, from September 17, 1997, a year before the Committee was finally formed.

For historical interest, you may be interested to take a look at that prior Infrastructure Committee's site, also what was their page on the Town site.

Currently – 2002/2003 – you can check the web site for the successor group, what is now the Town's Telecommunications Committee. There has been some progress ...

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