OurConcord.net — in Concord, MA!


When HarvardNet announced that it was going out of the DSL business and would discontinue all service on January 15th, Dave Allen and I sent a message to this list raising the possibility that we might be able to transfer the local equipment to a group in the town and continue the service. HarvardNet initially indicated that they might do this, and then went silent on us until yesterday [Jan 10], when they suddenly said yes!

So I am very pleased to announce that this service will go forward [...]. As you can imagine, the fact that they held off giving us any indication until two business days before the cutoff has thrown us into mild confusion, but Dave Allen has done a heroic day’s work, and pulled the key parts of the deal together. [And Dave Clark has now done a heroic week's worth, when I (DA) had to take myself off to the south seas, on the 13th.] [...] And sigh...

Several folks who are not currently connected sent me a message asking about future options. We will try to sort that out in a few weeks, once we get the basic system under control and stable. So stay tuned on that one.

Dave Clark

[Reprinted frrom the Concord list archive (date: Jan 11, 2001).]